‘Delightfully quirky….
…insanely imaginative…intensely insightful…just plain fun. ’
Donna Carrick – Author

‘Derek has a great sense of comic timing in this book and captures character extremely well. The twists and turns of the plot kept me reading right up to the last page.’
Vincent – Amazon Reader

‘Derek’s attention to plotting and characterisation soon had me hooked and I truly wanted to know what happened to Feb and his sisters,…’
Nettie – Words and Pictures

‘This time, Derek Haines goes more Dostojewski, than Adams, more boulevard of broken dreams, than the creation Of Sun and Moon by Michelangelo.’
Natalie – Amazon Reader

‘Derek Haines strength is developing his characters, and he does an extraordinary job describing three distasteful men who deal with their circumstances in the only way they knew how. While doing so, he does offer his readers a different perspective…..’
Mary – MRC-Bookreviewer

‘This novel definitely held my interest. Lots of twists and turns. Filled with interesting characters. Reading this book was time well spent.’
George – Amazon Reader

‘Derek Haines manages to deftly skewer political manoeuvring and/or family dysfunction/backstabbing, while telling an exciting story about a hapless underachiever who’s forced to suddenly grow up and take responsibility….’
Debbi -The Book Grrl

‘Douglas Adams has reincarnated and is living in Switzerland with wife and dog. Of course he has a new name these days. It’s Derek Haines.’
Jack – Amazon Reader

‘Derek Haines has definitely raised the bar with this story. I highly recommend this book. Go buy it! Read it! You’ll love it.’
Steve – Amazon Reader

‘As an adult and inspiring writer, I was greatly impressed with the ending. Derek’s words in his last paragraph, his last two sentences, could not have been written more perfectly to end this entertaining story.’
Mary – MRC-Bookreviewer

‘Derek Haines plays with some crazy ideas in his head and lets his vivid imagination go wild.’
Vivo -Amazon Reader

‘Derek Haines has now definitively become one of the favorite persons to inhabit my Adamsy-pythonesque little universe.’
Natalie – Amazon Reader

‘There are touches of George Orwell and Iain Banks in Derek Haines’ writing and at times this book reminded me of films such as Logan’s Run and more recently, The Island. A thoroughly recommended read.’
Tracy – Amazon Reader

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