To my mind, blogging is the ultimate form of publishing, as it allows for a direct and communicative link between a writer and readers.

There are no middlemen, stores, warehouses, distributors, agents, or publishers blocking the path from the writer to the reader.

While my books are of course available to those who wish to buy them, their content and distribution are protected and controlled by others, who ensure

that there is very little possibility of direct contact between an author and readers.

For centuries, this intentional separation of writer and reader has been the norm in publishing; to protect profit and ideology.

While self-publishing has pushed aside many of the old publishing lockkeepers, there are still barriers in place, and of course, there are those who profit from these new technological forms of publishing control.

Blogging, however, has very few barriers to restrict publication and direct communication, and this is why I have enjoyed it for so many years now. Apart from the immediacy and practicality, the fundamental value of blogging is the freedom of expression.

With that said, I hope you find one or two of my blogs of interest.

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