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‘Delightfully quirky…. …insanely imaginative…intensely insightful…just plain fun. ’ Donna Carrick – Author ‘Derek has a great sense of comic timing in this book and captures character extremely well. The twists and turns of the plot kept me reading right up

Derek Haines

Derek Haines is an author of quite a number of books However, he spends most of his time blogging, making technology go horribly wrong, and being a rather senior ESL English teacher. Born in Australia, but now living in a



To my mind, blogging is the ultimate form of publishing, as it allows for a direct and communicative link between a writer and readers. There are no middlemen, stores, warehouses, distributors, agents or publishers blocking the path from the writer to the reader. While my

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Derek Haines

Select a book by Derek Haines                                    Derek Haines, Author As you can see from the list at the bottom of this page, which you are more than welcome to click, I have written a few books. But you may

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