Vandalism of Words

Vandalism of Words by Derek Haines

What’s this book about? Great question. The answer is so splendidly simple. This book is about anything, everything and nothing. It is an ideal companion on a bus or train, where regular interruptions are guaranteed, as every part of this

Pelf – Emily’s Men of Greed

Pelf by Derek Haines

Money, murder and greed make very good bedfellows. Within the space of a few chaotic days, Emily Rhodes not only uncovers the truth about the serial philandering of her husband but also loses her job, house, marriage and her sense

Dead Men

Dead Men by Derek Haines

At times ugly, but always too very real … Dead Men illustrates that evolution hasn’t made a lot of difference as far as men are concerned. The end of the chase has changed little over the eons, as he drags his

The Few

The Few by Derek Haines

The sequel to The Sons of Cleito Three months after his fortunate release, Langley Garret discovers that his abductions certainly were not a case of mistaken identity. The sound of Chara’s voice, returning from the dead, and interrupting him on

Cut In Three

Cut In Three by Derek Haines

When one door closes, there is alway another, all too ready to slam you in the face. The Raw Allure of Revenge “Nothing is predictable in Derek Haines’ novella, Cut In Three.” It doesn’t take long to destroy your house

Welcome to Gloth – The Remarkable Unknown Planet

Welcome to Gloth – The Remarkable Unknown Planet

Gloth – The Totally Unknown Planet The unknown planet of Gloth is a miraculous planet totally oblivious to humans, yet it controls their very existence. Within the Glothic Tales, its history evolves through the experiences of February, HAL and Septimity. And now, the